About Bowling Smarts

BowlingSmarts is the place for you, the serious bowler, to go when you’re trying to improve your game. We can help you find the perfect ball to fill a gap in your arsenal by using our advanced search filters.

Things look a bit sparse around here.

Hey, we just launched this site a short while ago. Since building all kinds of awesome takes some time, we figured we’d at least get the ball search tools out there for all you fine people to use. Therefore, you might notice some pages feel bland or incomplete. Trust us, we're working on it!

Our bowling ball database contains specs for all the current-model balls from the vast majority of manufacturers. We are working to add all USBC-approved balls, as far back as we can find data for. This is going to take some serious manpower, so please be patient.

Is this just a ball database?

Not any longer. We recently added Bowledge, our home for educational bowling-related articles. A place for you to gain a bowling edge, with bowling knowledge. Get it?

Anyway, we just added our first article, How to Keep Score in Bowling. It’s certainly not groundbreaking, but we thought we’d start with something simple and easy to understand.

Besides adding more education articles to Bowledge, we will also be introducing other new features in the coming months. Stop by every once in a while, to see what’s new.